Didi Gregorius : “My goal with the Yankees ? Winning it all !”

Didi Gregorius, one of the best baseball player in the world took the time to answer our questions. Born in Amsterdam, he talks about the pride to wear the dutch jersey and his expectations with the Yankees for the next MLB season.

Didi Gregorious, Shortstop for Team Netherlands and The New-York Yankees. (Brad Penner | USA Today Sports)

The Strike Out : Since the beginning of your career, you’ve played in the most beautiful stadiums, in front of huge crowds. Some players don’t want to play tin he WBC, but you’re still there to play for the Netherlands. How important is the WBC for you ? 

Didi Gregorius : It is very important to me. You always want to represent your country, and now it’s especially fun to play with these guys I grew up with and play against in the big leagues.

TSO : Do you have a particular feeling when you step in the field with the Dutch jersey ?

D.G : I am very proud to play for the Kingdom of the Netherlands. I have always enjoyed playing for the team, like when we won the World Cup in 2011!

TSO : Is there a different mental approach between a MLB Game and one in the WBC ?

D.G : For me, I prepare every game the same way. I don’t consider these any different to the games in the Major League.

TSO : Your career is superb, but I have to ask you : what has been your best memory since the beginning of your career ? 

D.G : Wow! That’s a tough question! Winning the World Cup was awesome, making my Major League debut was great, and of course reaching the postseason for the first time with the Yankees was a great memory.

TSO : As you talk about the Yankees, I have to ask you what are your goals with NY this year ? 

D.G : That’s easy! Winning it all!

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